"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles."
— Audrey Hepburn

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spring Trends 2011 Straight from the Runways.

Spring 2011 Trends: Lets Get Groovy! 70's Inspired Glam and Edge. Check out top designer's runways packed with wideleg pants, jumpers, lace, clogs, prints, and nudes!

Goodbye straghtlegged jeans (thank goodness!!) Hello Widelegs.

Jean on Jean (just mix up the shades and rock them with some camel)

Classic Pretty Tweed (Chanel- no one does it better!)

Clogs by Chloe (for a more subtle look loose the boot and try a slipon or slingback)

Eyelit & Lace by Dolce & Gabana (try just a top or skirt if all over is too much for you)

Breaking up Nudes with Belts (Gucci)

Strappy Platforms


Pretty Prints and Florals on Dresses

Whose says pantsuits can't be sexy?

White on White

Christian Dior does Clogs well too!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Faux Fur Allure!

Just as other trends from the 70s have recently done, another one has shown up in the spotlight: FUR! For those who can’t afford the real thing, faux fur is the perfect alternative. It’s fun, quirky, creative, and sure to add sass to your drabby winter wardrobe, while keeping you warm and fuzzy all over. With items of all, boots, coats, vests, and hats showcasing this clever fad, everyone is sure to find the version that suits them.  This furry friend will definitely stick around for next year’s season too, so items purchased now will have plenty of time to get their fifteen minutes of fame.  Some places in the area to shop for your new fuzzy peice include Macy's (specifically thier Inc. line has several items to choose from), forever21 for some thrifty versions, Chanel for those who want to splurge, Victoria Secret Online for those stay at home shoppers (check out thier boots!)and small boutiques in the area will have some more unique choices. So ladies be brave, be bold, be foxxy!

Continue reading on Examiner.com: Faux fur allure! - Washington DC Fashion Trends | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/fashion-trends-in-washington-dc/faux-fur-allure#ixzz1CN43S1G0

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spring Forcast 2011: Calling for Pretty Glamour with afternoon 70's Edge!

Although its the middle of winter, below freezing temps, and most areas find snow covered grounds, us fashion connoisseurs cant help from imagine what this spring's trends will roll in. I have a few ideas of my own on the future season's styles to come. I forcast small floral prints, more ruffles, and nude, nude, nude! Whether your shade of choice is taupe, gray, cream, blush, ivory, tan, or another, its the tone to have this upcoming season! And dont be afraid to stock up in this shade in all items, dresses, pants, pumps, and tops! With metallics of all back in as well, what better way to accessorize than flash up your nudes with some silver,bronzed, or especially gold jewelry. This includes (if you havent aready) purchasing that gold boyfriend style watch you have been eyeballing. Its a must have and can be worn with everything from casual to formal attire. Besides the usual frilly spring dresses, rompers will be shining as well. Though we saw a peek at them the last few seasons, this spring they will be hot, hot, hot! As we all know every new season brings new color combos that fall in love all over again and prints that show up everywhere. This April's showers will bring blues and blushes, whites and golds, camel with everything, and flowers,flowers,flowers! Some other trends to look for will be lace, wide leg pants, clogs, and stripes (just dont over do them). 2011's spring is going to be all about simple pretty, subtle glamour, and 70's inspired edge.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Intro to Pearls and the American Girl.

I am a fashion lover. I have lived and worked in places all along the east coast from small country towns to big metropolitan cities, observing the details and changes with style along the way. From southern girls with their colorful sundresses that wear pearls with everything from their seven jeans to lacey frocks on Sunday church mornings to the sophisticated women of DC in their black fitted pant suits and sleek ponytails that say "we mean business", one thing stays the same: women want to look their best. For every American woman this means something different and creating their own personal twist on the latest trend. Afterall, fashion isnt just wearing what everyone else is wearing, its taking it and making it yours! Besides being a fashion gooroo, I also love to write and I owned a fashion boutique in a small town in Georgia that concentrated on the latest misses apparrel trends. I enjoy discussing my ideas on how fashion affects today's woman and helps them to find their true fashionista within at any age. My ideas are unique, original, and captivating. They bring a serious ideology of fashion with a sassy, clever twist that is sure to bring a laugh as well as good insight into the modern woman and her expedition to find the perfect attire for every event.

Fashion of the Decade 2010: An American Time Capsule of Trends.

What is Fashion? It is an ever changing idea of what is “in style” and how each person uniquely wears the latest trend. Each decade embodies a different ideology of style and how it is remembered during its era. The 20’s roar flapper dresses, pinstripe suits, and long cigarettes while the 50’s shout Audrey Hepburn and the first all American stylish housewife. The 70’s scream bell bottoms and psychedelic prints while the 80’s rock big hair, leggings, and loud makeup.  Then, the 90's captivated a laid-back grunge vibe with Kurt Cobain leading the way. With the decade 2010 coming to an end, what will be remembered of its time?
The idea that fashion occurs in circles and that “what’s old will eventually be new again” is no new thought, but the 2010’s brought a whole new meaning to the idea. The decade borrowed legends from the fashion time capsule of all eras and put a new twist on every style it stole.  The ruffled and layered dresses that hit every runway in recent years resemble very closely to the flapper dresses that the 20s made famous and the leather bomber jackets that the Greasers of the 50s inspired were sported by every kind of girl in this past decade. The 70s were re-embraced with all things jean that the 2010s are sure to be remembered for.  Designer jeans became the must have whether the favorite was Sevens, Joes, James Dry Aged Denim, True Religion or Citizens of Humanity. Every girl had to own her own pair and wore them with everything to everything from Saturday weekends in the park to Friday nights out paired with sky high heels and dressy tops. Then, the 80s rolled back in the flesh and undeniably stood out. The straight legged pant, leggings, booties, and smoky eyes were undoubtedly a borrowed treasure that the 2010’s weren’t afraid to flaunt and loudly! Every girl wore “skinnies”, as they came to be known, whether tucked into her favorite boots or with her sexiest pair of heels.
With so many hidden treasures of the past being brought back in the 2010’s, what was their own? The decade was inspired by trends from all eras, but it also is sure to be remembered for its own style and edge. The years paired unlikely matches together and made them shine. For example,  leather and lace (edgy and pretty) became new found BFFs (best friends forever, an acronym among many, LOL, OMG, etc. that are surely to be famed of the decade as well).  Also, new found pals, the chunky belt and frilly frocks. Every girl had her own version of the belt and dress combo and made it an icon of the era. Then, there were boots. Boots of all kinds, knee high, over the knee, stiletto, platform, ankle, flats, fur, leather, every kind on every girl and worn with tucked in jeans, dresses, leggings and every which way.  While on the subject of shoes, it can’t be ignored the heels of the era reached an all time high soaring to limits of 6 inches with designers Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson, Manolo Blahniks, and Gucci all introducing their own versions of the sky scraping stilettos. They were sure to make every girl look tall, feel sexy, and learn an all new meaning to the ability of balance and poise.
Above everything, 2010 sported an array of trends and styles and showed ever type of girl from preppy to bohemian chic how she could make them her own. The decade had so many great ideas from past sister decades along with the new fads of its own that made it such a glamorous, creative, and fashion crazed ideal for every woman to embrace. With the expertise and energy it exerted in style, its sure that the sister decades are not bitter, but proud of the way the 2010’s reinvented their ideas and all together created an image of American fashion and vogue of its history yesterday and today.